What is this all about?

Van-Life Road Trip Camper

Not only is that a good and fair question, it is a question that should be asked more often about everything.

This is not just a collection of stories, but a guide to fuel your own epic journeys. Discover lesser-known routes, hidden trails, local haunts, and secret treasures to ignite the fire of discovery within you. From remarkable landmarks to offbeat adventures, we will uncover the pulse of the road, inspiring you to chart your own path and redefine the limits of exploration.

The Bohemian Travel Guide is a Blog about hitting the road in order to find out just what it’s all about. It’s about Road Trips, travel, places too go and things to do. It’s a little bit about Van Life and being a Nomad and a little bit of everything that goes with it. Perhaps it’s best explained by telling you a little bit about the author… That would be me.


About the Author

I’m a California native, and I’ve lived here for a very long time. I was born in a suburb of Los Angeles, then immigrated to the hills of Ojai, California at an early age. I attended public school and got my head pumped with all kinds of general knowledge then went on to study psychology in the California UC system. Once I sat at the feet of Jiddu Krishnamurti trying to find enlightenment. And then I embarked on a semi-successful career, marriage, and a family. I became so intrenched in what I was doing I never really asked the question “what’s it all about?” anymore.

And then just about 10 years ago something went terribly wrong. Very terribly and tragically wrong… And finally, once again, I asked myself  “What is this all about?”

I couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer so I decided to go on a Road Trip. The thought was perhaps I could find the answer someplace else. At some point it struck me that if it wasn’t interesting enough to photograph, film or write about then what’s the point in going there? So this is what I do.